Aviatik-Berg D.I

Designed by Julius von Berg for the Aviatik company, the D.I was the first fighter completely built in Austria. The Berg was light and maneuverable, and after structural problems in the early models were overcome, it became a good combat plane.

Although nimble, reasonably fast, and able to reach higher altitudes than many of the planes it fought, the Aviatik D.I was prone to overheating. Many pilots flew with the engine cover panels removed.

Early versions of the plane had the two Schwarzlose machine guns mounted low on each side of the engine. Later versions put the guns higher and within reach of the pilot to make it easier to clear jammed guns.

This plane carries the markings of Fliegerkompagnie 56J.

Country of Manufacture Austria-Hungary
First Year of Service 1917
Wing Span 26.3 ft | 8 m
Length 22.8 ft | 6.9 m
Height 8.2 ft | 2.5 m
Weight 1878 lbs | 852 kg
Engine Austro-Daimler, 6 cylinder inline, liquid cooled engine, 200hp
Top Speed 115 mph | 185 km/h
Range 280 miles | 460 km
Armament 2 Schwarzlose 8mm machine guns
Crew 1


Technical Notes:
Made with Autodesk 3D Studio Max - Airplane not including background, 28450 vertices, 33926 faces - All aircraft insignia are modeled as part of the mesh.
Historical Notes:
The instruments in the cockpit are conjecture. When delivered from the factory, Aviatik D.I's were either unpainted (varnished plywood on the fuselage and clear doped linen on the wings and tail) or painted in a variety of camouflage schemes. Since all photos are black and white, actual colors are conjecture.