Hanriot HD.1

Although developed by a French manufacturer, the Hanriot was not accepted by the French Air Service. The plane was designed to be a scout/fighter and was small, sturdy and maneuverable. The Hanriot found favor with both the Belgian and the Italian air forces and became the standard fighter of the Italian Air Service.

The Hanriot HD.1 carried one synchronized machine gun. Some pilots tried mounting two, but the additional weight adversely affected performance.

This plane carries the markings of the Italian 78 Squadriglia Caccia (78th Fighter Squadron).

This aircraft was also flown by:
Country of Manufacture France
First Year of Service 1916
Wing Span 28.5 ft | 8.7 m
Length 19.4 ft | 5.9 m
Height 9.6 ft | 2.9 m
Weight 1334 lbs | 605 kg
Engine Le Rhone 9 cylinder air-cooled rotary engine, 120hp
Top Speed 115 mph | 184 km/h
Range 217 miles | 349 km
Armament 1 machine gun
Crew 1


Technical Notes:
Made with Autodesk 3D Studio Max - Airplane not including background, 38633 vertices, 45821 faces - All aircraft insignia are modeled as part of the mesh.
Historical Notes:
The instruments in the cockpit are conjecture.