Pfalz A.II

The Morane-Saulnier Type L was a two seat monoplane with a "parasol" wing, which made it excellent for reconnaissance. A single wing was mounted above the fuselage giving the occupants an unobstructed view of the ground.

In 1913 the German company Pfalz FlugzeugWerke began building planes under license from Morane-Saulnier. When the war began, they continued production under the Pfalz name. Three different versions of the type L were built with different sized engines. A few were fitted with synchronized Spandau machine guns.

Pfalz "A" series aircraft were used for reconnaissance early in the war, and later for training.

This aircraft was also flown by:
  Imperial Russia
  Great Britain
Country of Manufacture France
First Year of Service 1913
Wing Span 36.8 ft | 11.2 m
Length 22.5 ft | 6.9 m
Height 12.9 ft | 3.9 m
Weight 1441 lbs | 655 kg
Engine Oberursel 7 cylinder, air-cooled, rotary engine, 80hp
Top Speed 71.5 mph | 115 km/h
Range 180 miles | 288 km
Armament 1 machine gun
Crew 1 or 2


Technical Notes:
Made with Autodesk 3D Studio Max - Airplane not including background, 41985 vertices, 55047 faces - All aircraft insignia are modeled as part of the mesh.
Historical Notes:
The instruments in the cockpit are conjecture.