Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5

The S.E.5 was a contemporary of the Sopwith Camel and was considered more stable and easier to fly. But shortages of engines slowed down production until the last year of the war, and more squadrons were equipped with the Camel.

The S.E.5 was one of the fastest planes in World War 1 and was highly maneuverable. With the cockpit set far back in the plane, forward visiblity was limited, especially on landing, but otherwise visibility was excellent.

This plane carries the markings of the 25th Aero Squadron of the United States Air Service.

This aircraft was also flown by:
  Great Britain
Country of Manufacture Great Britain
First Year of Service 1917
Wing Span 26.6 ft | 8.11 m
Length 20.9 ft | 6.38 m
Height 9.5 ft | 2.87 m
Weight 1988 lbs | 902 kg
Engine Wolseley Viper, V8 liquid cooled engine, 200hp
Top Speed 120 mph | 193 km/h
Range 300 miles | 483 km
Armament 1 Vickers .303 and 1 Lewis .303 machine gun
Crew 1


Technical Notes:
Made with Autodesk 3D Studio Max - Airplane not including background, 32202 vertices, 37039 faces - All aircraft insignia are modeled as part of the mesh.
Historical Notes:
The instruments in the cockpit are conjecture.